All our CDs have been made with either sponsorship or self funded by the band. This has allowed us to record and produce 1000s of CDs professionally, giving them all away for donations to relevant charities. We have very few left at this point, they are collectors items. So There! Every single penny can is given to whoever we are playing for.

The default charities have been mental health and refugee related, but it does depend on the gig. I don’t know how much has been raised, nor do I care. The queen won’t give me a knighthood no matter how much is raised, but I can accrue a couple of brownie points if just by some miracle there is a god. Mind you working with the devils’ music is pretty good.

Since the lockdown I released the All in this Together video, that you can reach here. We have worked on two new songs, one of mine and one of Hinas’. We were just one weekend from finishing them. Now we’re waiting for the rules to let us cross borders and mingle in a studio. Up to that point they were sounding fantastic, something great to look forward to!

I have also finished recording a version of the Spitting Image song, “Never met a nice South African” with words changed to suit the Communication Workers Union who commissioned me. With Danny Chang recording the music, Mike Morgan recording vocals and Me singing the song. Now I’m waiting for the CWU to sort recording the video. It’s funny and sarcastic but I have to wait for them before I can play it.

CDs Produced

Have been creating CDs for over 20 years! We recently recorded two CDs at the famous Rockfield studios. took it in turns to sit at the piano where Freddie allegedly wrote Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie would have been chuffed to know we sat at his piano. These included a numbers of covers as a blatant attempt to get gigs.

Our 1st studio recording, from the original Semantics including Richie on guitar, Neil Dimond on drums (honest!) and the late, great Don Clarke. Some CDs still available for donations.
Part solo, part band. From original Semantics line up to solo tracks and a couple off the tele. Includes songs from my twisted and bitter period. I’m not sure if that period is over yet. Line up. Andy Coleman guitar and vocals, Jason McDonald Guitar, Matt Cohen bass , various musicians including……. on drums. 1000 copies all sold out.
1st compilation from The Wheatie with songs from some people who never knew they were so good. 1000 copies all sold out.
Probably my favourite and most indulgent CD. Wrote nearly all the songs, joint mixed with John Fraser. two covers, an old Paul Robeson song and a traditional gospel song ‘Run On’ later covered by Johnny Cash and Tom Jones. Musicians included The Semantics, Lucy Rivers, Richie Jones, The Impact Gospel Choir, Danny, Rob Reed, John Fraser, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Brass section and the kitchen sink. Squinties’ tale is tragic, oh it’s so sad. Line up. Andy Coleman guitar and vocals, Kim Styles Guitar, Alun Rogers bass and vocals, Bill Henry on drums. Various other musicians on CD include. 1000 copies all sold out.
Dvd documentary made about the heyday of the Wheatie guitar club. Also a Cd with loads of different people who played there. 1000 copies all sold out.
Myself and Dan decided to re-record songs we played in the infamous Dozy band in the 70’s.In true Dozy fashion we didn’t do any until Dozy 2. The track Fallen Angels includes backing vocals from Kim “Raging” Ryan. His last visit to a studio. What a great song title to go out on. Perfect People with The Semantics is on this. I used it for The Summer of 69 play. Copies still available for donatiopns.

Compilation CD put together for the Rhondda Music Festival, featuring loads of valleys bands and musician. From Paul Rosser (ex Dozy drummer) to Nigel Baker and all stops in between. I wrote ‘Holding up The Store’ for it. Keiron Bailey did a South African rhythm for it. Nailed it first take! We made him do it again for his cheek. 1000 copies all sold out.

Put together by Danny and myself, featuring songs from days of old which were meant for the first CD, plus a couple of new ones. Musicians included Pete Hurley, and Tim Robinson and it’s really rather good. Also includes extended ‘Surprise Yourself’ and in ‘Vacuum’ one of my favourite guitar solos ever from Dan. Worth the admission price on it’s own! – Line up. Andy Coleman guitar and vocals, Danny Chang guitar and vocals, Pete Hurley bass , Tim Robinson on drums,Rob Reed keyboards and piano, Chris Egan Saxophone, John Fraser, more keyboards. Copies still available for donations.

Wimmin’ features a host of ladies who have worked with me and/or the band over the years. These include Sarah Campbell-Horner, Lucy Rivers, The Impact Gospel Choir, Tina Booth, Nia Lynn and others. Telling tales are songs with a story. As I like doing. Copies still available for donations.

Recorded in the pop factory (Porth) as a sort of promo. The bonus was a video of “Shine on You”. My attempt to write the worst xmas song ever. I did pretty good. Kids drew the wonderful pics for the video, as only kids can. You have to try and see how graphic they are. The words were really sad and bad and I like the song – Line up. Andy Coleman guitar and vocals, Dave Bassey guitar and vocals Kim Styles Guitar, Budgie on bass and vocals, John Mountjoy on drums and vocals. Some still available for donations.

We played on the main stage for the Cardiff half marathon and made a video for that with the help and endorsement of Run4Wales. The song was co-written with Danny. Adam (the actor in the video) didn’t realise that a video about running would actually involve running. But he did fine. A couple copies are still available for donations.
A CD created to commemorate the fact that The Semantics had been going for 20 years, funnily enough – Line up. Andy Coleman guitar and vocals, Dave Bassey guitar and vocals, Kim Styles Guitar, Paul Protheroe bass and vocals, John Mountjoy on drums. I also added some tracks from previous CDs that are now unavailable. Some still available for donations.
Our first CD created at the infamous Rockfield studios, this was Dave Basseys’ last recordings with us. – Lineup included Kim Styles Guitar, Paul Protheroe bass and vocals, Dai Welles on drums. Some still available for donations.
This was Hinas’ first (proper with us like!) This is the current lineup. Hina Morton on Guitar and vocals, joining me, Kim, Paul and Dai. This CD also Also features guest appearances by Richie Jones, Mike Morgan and Tim Lewis. Some still available for donations.