Andy Coleman

“Lots of talented people play in bands, get no recognition, just enjoy playing live. And that’s priceless!”

Current and recent

I’ve been playing in bands long enough to know better. From originals to club bands to cover bands.

The first band “Colour” in 1969 through to “Dozy” and even bands that I’ve forgotten about, some that are best forgotten (but paid for Sunday dinner). Performing now with The Semantics and solo gigs.

The Semantics have been playing since 1997 with a host of line ups but currently comprising, I think, one of the best. The ethos of our band has always been:

  • Play songs that people know but steer clear of the obvious – ‘Dakota’s got no chance.

  • Enjoy yourself and be sure the audience has fun. This is the entertainment industry after all!

  • Play different songs with different arrangements. Don’t be afraid to take a few chances – some of them work.
  • Always play with great musicians

Then there are the CDs. I record them and have come to think of them as a photo album. There are now lots of albums worth of songs. All have been recorded and manufactured professionally with the aid of sponsorship and gigs.

These are sold for donations only, total sales is now around 12,000 with lots of money raised for various charities. Mainly mental health and refugee related. This site is my attempt to remind myself before the memory goes completely. (and maybe flog the last few CDs).

The Semantics

Find a detailed discography of each CD and track produced

All In This Together

My most current project is the track “All in this Together” (Lions Led by Donkeys). This is my view of the current shambles of a government response to COVID-19. Whilst focusing on the brilliant response from society’s real people. Of course with each day passing I could rewrite the words, (Dominic Cummings!) and the lines in the song regarding immigrants: “Did St. Thomas change your mind, when this is over they’ll be safe to leave behind” well he tried to charge them for saving his life before the crisis is even over!

All in all now over 13,000 youtube hits – I can say I’m quite happy with this little ditty.

Available as a free download above, you can give a donation to charity if you wish.

Written & recorded in lockdown, sent to Danny Chang a longtime friend, bad influence, accomplice and collaborator. He put together the backing with Helen. Then to Mark Stansfield who recorded the vocals (at distance), Danny for final mix, Rob Reed for mastering and finally to Matt Richards who put the video together. No-one actually saw anyone and no animals were harmed.