My most current project is the track “All in this Together”(Lions Led by Donkeys). And is my view of the current shambles of a government response and the brilliant response from the real people. Of course with each day passing I could rewrite the words, (Dominic Cummings!!!,) and the lines in the song about immigrants ”Did St. Thomas change your mind, when this is over they’ll be safe to leave behind” well he tried to charge them for saving his life before the crisis is even over!!!  All in all with over 22,000 youtube hits  I can say I’m quite happy with this little ditty.

The song is available as a download free at, but you can give a donation to charity if you wish but don’t have to.
It was written and recorded in lockdown, sent to Danny Chang, longtime friend, bad influence, accomplice and collaborator, who put together the backing with Helen. Then to Mark Stansfield who recorded the vocals at distance, Danny for final mix, Rob Reed for mastering and finally to Matt Richards to put the video together. No-one actually saw anyone and no animals were harmed.

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